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Classification of Class A, B & C

To obtain the classification of Class B:

wetsuits must pass the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) tests, which are required in Europe. This testing applies to any products or garments designed to protect the body from skin, eye, hearing, or bodily injury. Consequently, all 3 mm and thicker suits must be fully tested under the CE EN 14225-1 (wetsuits and semi-drys) standards confirming mechanical resistance and thermal protection ratification classes. Additional testing under these standards includes resistance to high and low temperature testing, sea water resistance testing, resistance to repeated pressurization in water testing, immersed thermal resistance testing, tensile strength of thermal insulating material testing, tensile strength of seams testing, tensile strength of closures testing, resistance to permanent material deformation testing, and finally, actual dive testing.

Thermal performance class of wet suit material

Water temperature ranges (°C)


7°C/45°F to 12°C/54°F


10°C/50°F to 18°C/64.5°F


16°C/60.8°F to 24°C/75.2°F



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